We gratefully acknowledge the help provided to us by many Indigenous people. Most importantly we acknowledge the contributions to Eugene Arima’s understanding of canoe making made by the late Chief Kwi·stox, Charles Jones Sr. of the Pacheedaht (P’aˑchiˑdɂaˑɂtx) people, Joe Martin of the Tla-o-qui-aht (Tłaɂoˑkwiɂath) and Chief Ts’awana, Calvin Hunt, of the Kwakiutl (Kwagu·ł) people of Fort Rupert.

Many First Nations people in BC and Washington State, current and former museum and archives staff, archaeologists, and other people, were most gracious in answering questions and providing access to information about canoes. These include Louise Avery, Kitimat Museum and Archives; Kathryn Bernick, Research Associate in Archaeology, Royal British Columbia Museum; Kelly Cameron, Canadian Museum of History; Dale Croes, Wet Site Archaeologist, Washington State University; Don Bourdon, Grant Keddie, Shelia Sampson, Dan Savard, Brian Seymour, Robert Turner, current and former staff at the Royal BC Museum; Richard Kavadas, independent writer; Clifford Charles, Uchucklesaht First Nation; Heather Cooper, Bamfield Community Museum and Archives; Steve Henrickson, Alaska State Museum; Bill Holm of the Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Coast Art; Calvin Hunt, Copper Maker Gallery, Fort Rupert; Henrietta Lidchi, National Museum of Scotland; Kevin Neary, Traditions Consulting Services, Inc., Victoria; Sandra Parrish, Campbell River Museum; Al Mackie, formerly of the BC Archaeology Branch; Steve Brown of Sequim Washington; Robert Dennis, Huu-ay-aht First Nation; Corrine Mitchel, Tla´amin First Nation; Ryan Nicholson, Rivers Inlet First Nation; Kevin Robertson, archaeologist; and Laila Williamson, American Museum of Natural History.

Unless otherwise noted the photographs were taken by Alan Hoover. We have used lines drawings to illustrate variations in canoe forms where no other images were available or where costs were prohibitive. The lines drawings are much reduced in scale as they were originally drawn as aids to canoe making.

Thanks to Leni Hoover for her ongoing support throughout the life of this project including copy editing, map and illustration. Thanks to Harvey Golden for reading a draft of this manuscript.

Any errors in fact or interpretation are the sole responsibility of the authors.